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Cannstatter volksfest 2011

Bierfest 2011

Well it’s finally here, the 2011 boys Bierfest trip!

Packing done in record time; less than an hour including ironing.
Just time for some dinner before we make an horrendously early start for the airport!

All we need now is some paracetamol and we’re good to go! 🙂

Day 1 – Heidelberg
So it felt like I’d only just met the sandman when the alarm went off signalling the start of the festival, so with a yawn and a scratch of the crown jewels it was time to get going. Get in!

We’re starting in Heidelberg with a visit to a brewery that was once famous for producing the worlds strongest beer at 33% by gravity 😉 it’s still the same beer it just isn’t recognised as the strongest anymore. FFS its like fortified wine as it is, who would actually want it stronger?

I guess this will be the most cultured part of the break, we might actually spend some time away from the bar! But not too much, this is a beer drinking holiday after all!

I’d left plenty of time to get ready and since I was already packed it was a fairly leisurely drive over to Kettering to meet the first half of the crew.
I saw movement in the doorway when I arrived so Stu was ready, it was just the timely arrival of the designated driver we we’re waiting for.
Following several calls and txt messages we finally managed to get the lazy cock out of bed! Or maybe the Boneham had been living up to his namesake? more on that later …. 😉

Well he made it over in record time and thankfully we’re now on out way…in the rain unfortunately 🙁

So the first beer of the trip is under way….as usual at the airport!

Arrival in Heidelberg was without incident, we’ve now enjoyed some local Flammkuchen and started tucking into some brews. I think we’re going to step up the pressure on Boneham to spill the beans! He’ll crack after a few maß of bier! 😉

Man down, man down, mike has already fallen foul of some beer wastage! so it’s time for the sightseeing trip up the mountain.

After the interesting trip up the funicular we went to sample the vetter 33, which was as strong as last time 🙂 and then went to pay homage to the brass monkey. We hadn’t previously noticed it has a huge boner but its likely that was some kind of rebellious streak on the part of the artist? Who can say.

We found our way into a gothic looking bar on the main street and spent the rest of the evening there watching them make flamkuchen and setting the world to rights!
Having had flamkuchen for lunch we resisted having the same again but unfortunately didn’t resist the kebab shop a couple of doors down when we left.
It turns out kebabs in Germany are much more tolerable than ours, although these were chicken they weren’t as bad as the ones back home 🙂
Following the ingestion of the staple beer food we made our way back to the tram station and made our way back to the hotel so we could prepare ourselves to do it all again.

Day 2 – Travel to Stuttgart

With weary heads we packed up and made our way to Stuttgart

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