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Summer 2011

Download Action!

The last month or so has mostly been a blur.
It started with the Download festival in June.
The weather wasn’t too bad apart from the Sunday evening when it just didn’t stop raining 🙁

View over the Lake

Then I took to the skies once more with a fantastic boys trip to Geneva and all around the Alps.
We spent a day travelling down through France and then 3 days flying around the airfields and mountains of Switzerland, then another 2 days flying back through France.

We had a weekend in Docking and the weather was pretty good, could have gone kite surfing really but I didn’t have all the kit 🙁

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In the end we did some scudding on the lovely sand at Holkham with a picnic. Here are some of the culprits:
and yes I did stage the shots, before you ask!!

The following week we went to the sunny climbs of Ireland for our friends Will and Ani’s wedding.

Emma and Bob as we walked down the Dungarvan ar bu wall:

We took a trip in the Piper Cub up to wickersgill to meet up with our good friends Steve and Wynnie.
We always have a great time up there, not in any short way attributable to Wynnies fantastic cooking! Yum!

Having been to get some shopping we nipped into the gallery and discovered this:
A great picture by a local artist bit too pricey unfortunately 🙁

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