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My sloe gin – 2010

My second batch of sloe gin for this year is ready to be sieved and decanted, yom yom.

Step 1:
Decant the mixture into a separate bottle to remove most of the berries.
I used a funnel and conical gravy sieve to remove the berries.

Step 2:
Decant the mixture back into the original bottle to remove the worst of the sediment.

Step 3:
Run the liquid though a filter. I used regular coffee filters but these are a bit too fine and take quite a long time. I had to use quite a few as they soon become saturated with sediment.

Step 4:
Taste the goods….:mrgreen: Mmm looking good 🙂

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh bu to the sloe gin, if i had seen that i would have snaffled it