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AV progress…

Having done very little to the house in the time I’ve been here I decided it was about time to my arse in gear.
I decided to start with something interesting to get the whole thing kicked off. AV toys 🙂

I’d started with the purchase of a Toshiba HDTV last year, but with no HD source it was time to remedy that.
Blu Ray
Several products were in the firing line but the Sony BDPS760 ended up with all the requisite features, including multi-region DVD upscaling, wifi built in and several other toys.
AV amp
The AV amp was another difficult decision but the Denon 1910 7.1 unit came up trumps. We’d decided to go for a 5.1 system so this gave opportunities to upgrade at a later date.
And to the output. Didn’t really want to fill the room with floor standers (although I wouldn’t have minded) as we’ve not really got the room, so we were looking for a compact solution. The options were the Kef 2005.3 or the B&W MT25’s, to be honest it came down to price. The Kef’s were reduced and came in at about £400 cheaper. Not to be sniffed at 🙂

Before the speakers had arrived I hurriedly started plugging in wires and components just to get a sound out of my new investments 🙂 (no patience).
It was then that I discovered my existing misson 732’s sounded excellent with the new amp! Hmm that gives me an idea…..a bit of 7.1 surround action!

A new stand would be required to host all the new equipment which did take some time to find, credit needs to go to the better half as she spent quite some time looking for one.

In the end I already had some Van damme Ultra 2.5mm but I needed to run some to the back speakers for the surround. I finally plumped for the ixos xhs 143.

Oh and since the cushions had started to collapse on the sofa we needed a new one of them as well..

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