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Interesting week

Fenland Aero’s

Indeed it has been! 2 weeks holiday is always a good thing, especially as it started with a victory at the Fenland Aero’s comp.

Fancy Dress Party

And for no reason other than it was a good idea, Saturday evening was spent at Sparky, Boggy and Hannah’s aptly themed American party as it was July 4th.

Kite Surf Action

Then we travelled to Sunny Hunny for some kite surfing action courtesy of Hunstanton watersports.
We stayed at Deepdale hostel which is really nice and well run for a good value stay away.
Unfortunately but not surprisingly the weather didn’t last and the second day didn’t happen, which is a shame as we were just getting into the swing :-(.

Ooop Norf

Royal Dundonald Castle, South Ayrshire Currently up in Scotland and I can see Dundonald Castle from the back window. (see picture ->) Have been for a look at the Barassie beach kite surf location (which is very close) but they are quite expensive, prohibitively so in fact. Was thinking of going for an additional lesson next week but me don’t think so!

I appear to have bought a new plane! A lovely Pitts S1S…only verbally agreed at this point but watch this space… 🙂

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